Now online: valedictory lecture Ton Dietz, thematic maps, infosheet

Ton Dietz

Ton Dietz's valedictory lecture is now available open access, as well as the thematic maps and infosheet he describes in his lecture. 

Valedictory lecture: Africa; still a silver lining (pdf)

Thematic Map: Education in Africa: recent dynamics and current situation (pdf), by Ton Dietz, Nel de Vink and Wilfried Admiraal

Thematic Map: Africa’s international trade 2001-2016: boom and bust, by Ton Dietz, Chibuike Uche and Nel de Vink

Infosheet: Africa in the 21st century, by Ton Dietz and Akinyinka Akinyoade

Thematic Map: No-go areas in Africa March 2017 (pdf), by Ton Dietz and Nel de Vink

Thematic Map: Africa: International migration, emigration 2015, by Ton Dietz, Mayke Kaag and Nel de Vink