New exhibition: ABEDA Zinsbegoocheling’ by Iorver Ikeseh

Poster exhibition ABEDA Zinsbegoocheling‘ABEDA Zinsbegoocheling’ is Iorver Ikeseh’s second solo art exhibition. Abeda is a Tiv word that connotes ‘wrapper’ (a large body covering for African women). ‘Zinsbegoocheling’ is a Dutch term that means illusion. The exhibition showcases most of Iorver’s creations abroad (Netherlands). He claims that “using African fabrics to depict African situations abroad is just an illusion”.

Over the years Iorver has depicted some very unpleasant situations of African children. Some of the works on display are an attempt to interrogate the minds of children. He has tried to reconstruct the thoughts of children on canvas. The exhibition is inspired by his present research about African child art at the African Studies Centre in Leiden, where he is doing his Research Masters.

The materials used for the art works are a mix of oil, graphite and fabrics. The exhibition can be seen on weekdays from 9.00 - 17.00 in the corridor of the African Studies Centre, on the third floor.

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Portrait IorverIorver Ikeseh is an activist artist from Nigeria. He studied Fine Arts at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. As an artist he tries to combine both studio practice and scholarship. After his BA (Fine Arts) he embarked on a Research Masters at the University of Ibadan. He is currently at University of Leiden for another Research Masters. Iorver has been advocating for African children's rights with both his scholarly and studio practice. He creates his thought-provoking themes from child situations. He works mostly with African fabrics and related materials. As a participant observer he is critical to both his subjects and their environment. This has given his work immense depth.

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Date, time and location

07 April 2014 to 25 April 2014