New Acquisition Highlight: The courage of ǁkabbo

kabboThe courage of ǁkabbo: celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Specimens of Bushman folklore(2014) is the ASC library’s most recent acquisition relating to the famous ǀxam and ǃkung archive of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. This archive holds the ǀxam research notebooks by German linguist Wilhelm Bleek (1827-1875) and his sister-in-law Lucy Lloyd (1834-1914). ǁkabbo was the oldest of the speakers of the ǀxam language that stayed in the Bleek household at different times during the 1870s. He expressed the wish that his stories would be known through books. Lucy Lloyd had Specimens of Bushman folklore published in 1911. The courage of IIkabbo contains papers presented at the conference with the same name in South Africa in 2011, and is the subject of our latest Acquisition Highlight.