In Memoriam Bert Ingelaere (1979-2022)

It is with profound sadness that the African Studies Centre Leiden has learned that Prof. Dr Bert Ingelaere passed away on 4 February 2022. Bert, Associate Professor at Antwerp University, was a highly respected member of our academic community, a collaborator on many occasions, and a dear friend. He will be remembered for his profound knowledge of the long-term effects of conflict in the African Great Lakes region.  

Bert was born on 16 February 1979 in Leuven, Belgium. His studies and work brought him to Rwanda in July 2004, where his long journey into understanding life after mass violence started, and later brought him to Burundi and other countries in the Great Lakes region. His dedication to research and his integrity to knowledge resulted in many publications and thoughtful presentations, with his book Inside Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts: Seeking Justice after Genocide, published in 2017, as one of the best researched works on Rwanda’s search for transitional justice seen.  

With regret we think of the projects that will not be, and with honour we think of what Bert has taught us. We extend our deepest sympathy to Bert’s family, friends, and colleagues, near and far, and our thoughts are especially with his parents, sister, niece and with his wife and son. 

Lidewyde Berckmoes, African Studies Centre Leiden
16 February 2022