Meera Venkatachalam interviewed by Voertaal about the book Common threads: Fabrics made-in-India for Africa

Meera Venkatachalam, co-editor of Common threads: Fabrics made-in-India for Africa, was interviewed by Voertaal about the production of and research for their book. 'A glimpse into the textile trade between India and Africa in the colonial era reveals that the textile industry – especially in western India and Mumbai (then Bombay) – grew substantially in the colonial era by adapting to the demand for cloth in Africa. This phenomenon fuelled colonial Bombay’s industrialisation, a little-known historical fact.' Read the interview.

The book has appeared as volume 76 in the African Studies Collection. Read the book (open access) or buy a richly illustrated copy (€ 15,00)!

Date, time and location

19 August 2020