JEDI fund for Area Studies Podcast Series

The LUALA Beats Area Studies Podcast Series has received a JEDI Fund from the Faculty of Humanities. LUALA (Leiden University Africa Latin America) is a cooperation between the two Area Studies sections of Leiden University’s Institute for History. The podcast series is intended (1) as a platform for critical discussions amongst practitioners, scholars and students on inclusivity from an Area Studies’ perspective: diversity, inequality, power, decolonisation and cultural interactions; (2) as an instrument for LU teachers and students to involve society on debates around Africa and Latin America as a means of knowledge and cultural and epistemic inclusivity. Interviews and discussions (30 minutes long) take place with guests from within and outside Leiden University on issues pertaining to African and Latin American histories, languages, cultures and politics. 

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Fund of the Faculty of Humanities provides small grants to initiatives in support of the Faculty's D&I priorities, with specific emphasis on creating an inclusive learning environment.

The project team consists of Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn, Dr Sara de Wit, Dr Walter Nkwi, Dr Stefano Bellucci (African Studies), Prof. Ed Ammann and Dr Soledad Valdivia Rivera (Latin American Studies).