Henny Weima and Friends: kunst uit Congo en Benin

This exhibit is now over. The prices, dates, places and external hyperlinks on this page are not maintained and may no longer be accurate.

Until 23 December 2011 Henny Weima presents a combined exhibition, consisting of:

Henny Weima, landscape drawings of Zaire/Congo (pastel and aquarel)
Art and Children art from Zaire/Congo (gouaches, aquarels, drawings)
Paulin Zoffoun, stories from Benin (batiks, cloths and gouaches)

Info Nederlands (pdf, 620KB)
Info English (pdf, 620KB)
Info français (pdf, 620KB)

For more information about the project: http://www.hennyweima.nl/youtube_video_page.html
And: Facebook: Pauzo. Google: Paulin Zoffoun Picasa
The paintings are on display in the corridors and the library of the African Studies Centre in the Pieter de la Court building, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden. The paintings of Zoffoun (Benin) are for sale. You can also take a look at the stock of various art works in the ASC library that are offered at low prices.
The exhibition is open weekdays from 9:00–17:00. Feel free to come and take a look.

- Marieke van Winden, ASC Communications, 071 5273358, winden@ascleiden.nl, or
- Henny Weima, hennyweima@zonnet.nl, website http://www.hennyweima.nl  and www.collectioncongo-art.nl.

BatekeHoogvlakteCongoBatik door Zoffoun - Benin







Kinderkunst uit CongoKnielen voor de voorouders - Congo (Matapaku)








 Koning Bopudewijn - Congo (Bakongo)De deuren van mijn paleis - Benin (Zoffoun)



Date, time and location

01 October 2011 to 23 December 2011