Exhibition: Falea (Mali) and the menace of uranium mining

With the Nuclear Security Summit being held in The Hague in March 2014, the ASC was approached by the NGO Falea Mali about highlighting the consequences of uranium mining in Mali. The Centre is happy to offer Falea exhibition space but is not responsible for the content of the posters on display.

No mining of minerals without respecting democracy, human rights and environment.

Falea village nowHelp preventing thisThis exhibition is a photo poster series composed by ARACF, the association of residents and friends of Falea and 20 neighbouring villages in south west Mali. While we are 'enjoying' nuclear energy here, the sourcing of the applied uranium taking in Africa, resulting in the destruction of livelilyhoods and nature. ARACF and the local municipal authorities of Falea region are opposing plans for uranium mining and promote alternative economical projects in stead.

Canadian company Denison Mines Corporation obtained a concession of 150 km² in the area and plans to start uranium mining any time, even without any independent survey on its environmental and social effects having been made. Examples in Niger and elsewhere show exploitation of uranium will leave large areas of land stripped and will poison land, air and (ground)water with radiation, finally to spread over larger areas in Africa. The around 17.000 people living in the green and fertile Malean valley of Falea want to preserve their way of living and the large resource of biodiversity that surrounds them.

Together with the European Civil Forum ARACF has set up a solidarity campaign in Europe for informing civilians, organisations, municipalities and politicians, and gathering donations and funds.

Amongst the group of supporters are some Members of European Parliament and the city councils of Salzbury (A) and Geneva (CH). Recieved funding enabled performing a base-line study of the area, the setting up of a local radio system (transmitting in the four local languages) and the purchase of a 4x4 motor car to be used as an ambulance and a vehicle to connect the villages.

Under auspicien of ARACF representatives of local communities of Arlit (Niger) and Falea (Mali) will participate in mutual visits this March and April exchanging experiences and looking for ways of cooperation. In May this year - during Malean local community elections - ARACF will organise a regional referendum on the uranium mining plans. For this to take place in a secure and peaceful way, ARACF welcomes the presence of European observers and press representatives.

Meanwhile ARACF monitores the status of legal procedures and planning, investigates the practices and effects of uranium exploitation by Denison elsewhere and - above all - promotes alternative ecological, economic development through projects for mineral water, bambu production and elaboration, horticulture and breeding of seeds, and purchase of a centrifugal installation for the manual and poisonous-free winning of gold.

This exhibition can be seen in the African Studies Centre corridors on the 3rd floor until the end of March 2014. You are welcome to take a look, from Monday-Friday, 09.00-18.00.

For more information: www.falea-mali-comite.nl

Contact: info@falea-mali-comite.nl or Rene Lehnherr (NL, D, F): 06 - 28 45 17 62.

Date, time and location

10 March 2014 to 31 March 2014

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