End of the Rainbow

Seminar date: 
16 March 2009
Director: Rob Nugent, Australia

This seminar is being organized by Leiden University's Department of Anthropology, the African Studies Centre and KITLV. Rob Nugent, who directed the film, will join the screening of this highly acclaimed documentary End of the Rainbow (2007 IDFA First Appearance Award, International Documentary Film Festival Maysles Brothers Documentary Award) and discuss it afterwards.

This documentary can be borrowed (code AFRIKA AVM610) at the ASC's library, e-mail asclibrary@ascleiden.nl. More information: Elvire Eijkman (Eijkman@ascleiden.nl).

Country: Guinea
Language: English, no subtitles
Year: 2007
Length: 83 minutes

Chair: Sabine Luning, Department of Anthropology
Discussant: Dr Gerry van Klinken, KITLV

This documentary explores the impact of large-scale industrial mining on a local social setting in northern Guinea. Rob Nugent was working on a film about the effects of the closure of a gold mine on Dayak communities in Borneo when he was told that they were going to move the old gold mining plant to Guinea. The film starts with the plant's move and when expectations are high among international mining staff and local people whose livelihoods depend on a combination of agriculture and artisanal mining. The film shows how the local people respond to the opportunities and economic divisions the mine creates and how local jobseekers, local chiefs, security personnel, engineers, army officers, gold dealers and farmers understand one another. Over time relationships become very tense and the mine calls in the military. Conflict over the mine's presence escalates. The film is made up of an ensemble of characters and observed situations, and portrays intimately the people who are grappling to respond to these changes.

About the director: 
Rob Nugent is an Australian documentary maker with a background in post-conflict development. He has an MA in documentary production from the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney and a BA in natural resource management from the University of New England. He worked for eleven years (1990-2001) with the United Nations in Afghanistan and Cambodia and has also carried out assignments for them in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos and undertaken a range land project for the World Bank.