Education for Life in Africa

Cover Education for Life in AfricaGlobally, the goal of education in the developing world has moved from “Education for All,” which was one of the Millenium Goals of the United Nations, to focus on “Quality Education” as Sustainable Development Goal 4, formulated by the same United Nations. As the number of children going to school all over the world increased and the expected results of the reduction of extreme poverty and hunger materialised, governments and NGOs alike soon realised that the term “education” covers a wide range of activities and ways of schooling, not all of which contribute equally and in all circumstances to the continuing development goals of any particular country or region. Sustainable development can be attained only when individuals and groups have and are able to use the tools and can adapt to local circumstances. Education should provide learners with those tools and only education that does provide them and prepares its learners for their futures can be called “quality education.” Rethinking how “education” can be put to use strategically for long term gain therefore assumes the utmost importance, and the focus must then turn to the quality of education. Good and sustainable education is understood to be education that prepares its participants for both social and professional life by equipping them with appropriate knowledge and skills. Hence the title of this volume: Education for Life in Africa.

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This book has been published as volume 34 of the ASCL Occasional Publication series. It is the result of the NVAS Conference 'Education for Life in Africa' that was held on 19 and 20 May 2017.

Author(s) / editor(s)

A. Breedveld & J. Jansen, eds.

About the author(s) / editor(s)

Anneke Breedveld is a linguist who wrote her PhD thesis on Maasinankoore, a dialect of the Fulfulde language spoken throughout West Africa. Her chief academic interest is how language and culture and education are interrelated.
Jan Jansen is a historical anthropologist who wrote his PhD thesis on the oral epic of Sunjata (Mali/Guinée). He has published extensively on Mande oral tradition, apprenticeship, and the history of the Mali empire.

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