Deadline Call for Papers ECAS7 Conference

Call for Papers
The Call for Papers for the 7th European Conference on African Studies, Basel, 29 June – 1 July 2017 is now open! Scholars in African Studies are invited to propose papers to the panel(s) of their choice. Please refer to the call for papers page. For the list of panels, click here. The deadline for submitting abstracts is: 19 January 2017. This year's theme: 'Urban Africa - Urban Africans: New encounters of the rural and the urban'.

Leiden related panels:

Jon Abbink:
Food cultures in Africa: food production, consumption, and prestige ranking in the age of development   C55

Caroline Archambault, Josien de Klerk & Ingrid Samset:
"Ah…this is Africa!": Familiarity as an entry point for teaching Africa   C44

Mirjam de Bruijn &  Abdou Salam Fall (IFAN, Dakar):
Innovations in connectivity and social change in Africa: new ways to bridge the urban and rural in historical perspective  C17

Jos Damen & Stephanie Kitchen (IAI London):
Why is research from Africa invisible?           D16

Ton Dietz
Sustainable Cities in Africa: plans, dreams, and practices       L19

Rijk van Dijk & Astrid Bochow (Göttingen):
After the Crisis? Ethnographies of Post-Crisis Situations in Africa   (C52)

Jan-Bart Gewald & Klaas van Walraven:
The importance of biography in African historical studies  E18

Carolien Jacobs & Suliman Ibrahim:
Urban property disputes in fragile and transitional settings in Africa  M04

André Leliveld, Mayke Kaag, Marleen Dekker:
Who Owns the City? Political Leverage for Informal Workers in Urban Africa  C30

Benjamin Soares, Ruediger Seesemann (Bayreuth) & Eva Spies (Bayreuth)
The Plural and Relational in Religious Practices, Concepts, and Spaces in Africa        J01

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Important dates
Call for Papers: 18 November 2016 to 19 January 2017
Confirmation of papers: 2 March 2017
Early-bird registration opens: 2 March 2017
End of early-bird: 2 April 2017
Registration closes: 2 May 2017

Date, time and location

19 January 2017