Deadline Call for Papers 'The 10th New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop'

The 10th New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop
Is Africa Growing out of Poverty?
Africa’s Economic Transition in Historical Perspective

30-31 October, 2015
Wageningen University


The 10th New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop
Rapid economic growth in Africa over the past two decades has provoked intense public and academic debate about the nature and sustainability of Africa’s economic transition. Is this simply another commodity boom, or is current growth rooted in a more profound transformation of the African social and political fabric? Does it lead to greater inequalities within and between African countries? And to what extent is current growth related to institutional reforms and improved state capacity? Historical reflection on such questions is extremely valuable. Taking the long-term perspective allows us to assess these developments in the context of previous episodes of African growth and contraction and to adopt wider spatial and comparative perspectives.

The programme committee of the 10th New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop launches a broad call for papers presenting frontier research in the field of African Economic History and a special call for papers that place the current rise of Africa in a long-term historical comparative perspective. The committee also specifically encourages scholars from Africa to come over and present their work. There are travel and accommodation funds available for scholars without access to alternative sources of funding conditional upon having a paper accepted for presentation. Paper proposals and fund applications can be submitted to: 

Decisions on submissions can be expected around the end of May 2015.

Programme committee:
Gareth Austin (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Ewout Frankema (Wageningen University, Utrecht University), Leigh Gardner (LSE), Erik Green (Lund University), Morten Jerven (Simon Fraser, Vancouver), Chibuike Uche (African Studies Centre Leiden)

Local organisation committee (Wageningen University):
Kleoniki Alexopoulou, Angus Dalrymple-Smith, Ewout Frankema, Katherine Frederick, Michiel de Haas, Dacil Juif, Kostadis Papaioannou, Sandra van der Brink-Vermeulen, Carry Vleeming, Pieter Woltjer

Date, time and location

30 April 2015
Wageningen University