Congratulations to the African Studies (Research) Master graduates!

In the past few weeks thirteen students of the Master and Research Master African Studies graduated. During an online graduation ceremony on 3 November 2021 Christen Faver, Shannon Lorimer, Femke van Zeijl and Mira Demirdirek all graduated cum laude. And on 10 November Marly van den Boom, Daniel Okiror, Bernardo Tiberi Venturucci (Research Master), Diene de Jong, Jochem Scheelings, Junyang Shen, Janina Hubmann, Marcia Semedo Gonçalvez and Samantha da Luz graduated in the Academy Building in Leiden, the last three of whom cum laude. Congratulations! Both graduation ceremonies were chaired by Karin Nijenhuis. The Master and Research Master theses will become available in the online Leiden Repository soon. (Photo left: Janina Hubmann).

Take a look at the pictures (click to zoom in): 

  • The four online, cum laude graduates: Christen Faver, Shannon Lorimer, Femke van Zeijl and Mira Demirirdek.
  • Bernardo Tiberi Venturucci (Research Master) with thesis supervisors Mayke Kaag and Maarten Mous.
  • Diene de Jong with thesis supervisor Leila Demarest and, on behalf of the Board of Examiners, Rijk van Dijk.
  • Rijk van Dijk, Jeanne Hoogbergen (coordinator of studies), Karin Nijenhuis (programme chair Master), Leila Demarest (thesis supervisor), Mayke Kaag (thesis supervisor and Director of Studies at the ASCL) and Maarten Mous (thesis supervisor).
  • Daniel Okiror with thesis supervisors Annachiara Raia and Mirjam de Bruijn.
  • Junyang Shen with thesis supervisor Maarten Mous.
  • Samantha da Luz, who graduated cum laude, hears the laudatio by Rijk van Dijk. On the right: Jeanne Hoogbergen.
  • Samantha da Luz with thesis supervisor Mayke Kaag.