Call for submissions on the theme 'Family, Generation and Change in the Context of Crisis'

Open access journal Genealogy is accepting submissions on the theme 'Family, Generation and Change in the Context of Crisis'. At the forefront of this Special Issue are questions related to family, generation and social change forged through and amidst crisis, including armed conflict, climate hazards, economic crisis, and instances of entangled 'polycrisis' (Laurence et al. 2022).

Guest Editors of the Special Issue are ASCL researcher Dr Lidewyde Berckmoes and Dr Carola Tize of the Anthropology Department of University College London. They invite contributions based on original fieldwork related to crisis-affected contexts that explore how crisis reverberates in families and across generations. Potential questions that may be explored (although others related to the Special Issue’s theme are highly welcome) include:

  • How does crisis forge new ways of showing intergenerational care and solidarity, as well as cause distance and friction?
  • How does crisis alter or reiterate ideals regarding what amounts to being a ‘good’ child, young, a parent, or other kin, as well as affect opportunities to live up to these ideals?
  • How are legacies of distress and resilience passed on to future generations?
  • How can intergenerational relations shape society’s ability to bounce back after a crisis?
  • How do crisis experiences affect ‘ordinary people’s’ abilities to prevent new crises–known as cyclical crises–from emerging?

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 March 2024.

More information about the theme and how to submit manuscripts.