ASC Infosheet: Post-conflict land governance reform in the African Great Lakes region. Part II – Reshuffling land ownership for development

Ankole cattle in South-western Uganda  Ankole cattle in South-western Uganda

After conflict, governments and donors often feel a need for up-scaling and modernizing land use. There is an ambition to achieve economic recovery and contribute to food security through stimulating large-scale investment in land. Our research in Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan suggests that policymakers should be extremely careful when promoting large-scale land acquisitions, both for-eign and national. Especially in the difficult transi-tion from war to peace, large-scale appropriation of land risks becoming a threat to tenure security and the recovery of rural livelihoods. Read the full text.

This is Infosheet no 31.

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Mathijs van Leeuwen a.o.

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The authors of this series of infosheets on the Grounding Land Governance project are: Mathijs van Leeuwen, Doreen Kobusingye, Peter Hakim Justin, Rosine Djomo and Han van Dijk. The project coordinator is Mathijs van Leeuwen. Contact him at

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