3rd JUSTREMIT Conference 'Regulating Remittances: Methods, Case Studies and Theories'

This conference is organised by the ASCL and the Leiden University Institute of Security and Global Affairs.

JUSTREMIT and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University invite paper and panel proposals for consideration for the third JUSTREMIT Conference. This year the conference will focus on global regulatory regimes and remittances. Remittances - money and values that migrants and expatriates send to their countries of origin - are the largest external source of financing to low and middle income countries. Because of their enormous importance, remittances attracted the attention of local and international actors, including financial regulators, states, central banks, and international financial institutions. These actors have developed regulatory frameworks and policies that can protect remittances from illicit uses. But how do these policies protect remittances, and what are their impacts? What challenges, complexities, and uncertainties are associated with regulating different remittance systems?

The first day (12th October) will take place at the ASCL, while the second day (13th October) will be at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. We aim to organise the conference without parallel sessions so all participants can engage and contribute. There will be keynote speeches and a concluding roundtable.

Register for this event by sending an email to Mohamed Abdiaziz Muse.

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Read the call for papers (deadline = Monday 18 September).

Date, time and location

12 October 2023 to 13 October 2023