Martin van Vliet, An in-depth empirical study of the democratic consolidation process in Mali

Martin van Vliet succesfully defended his dissertation Beyond institutional blueprints: hybrid security provision and democratic practice in Mali at Leiden University on 21 April 2021. The dissertation can be accessed online.

Based on eight years of regular research periods in and working visits to Mali, Van Vliet's study addresses the changes in local accountability mechanisms subsequent to the introduction of local elections, the contribution of Malian Members of Parliament in shaping accountability, the role of political parties and the upcoming constitutional reform process in strengthening accountability. He strives to move beyond universalistic approaches to political processes in Africa as well as the influential (rather one-dimensional) neo-patrimonial paradigm and to come up with empirically based studies on different aspects of Mali's democratic consolidation process. He is also a member of various committees formulating suggestions on the future of Dutch development policies and regularly advises Dutch members of Parliament on political developments in Africa.

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