The library receives and processes many gifts each year, including books, periodicals, videos and other library materials. These gifts help us to add depth to the collection and replace worn-out and lost books and journals.

To make a donation to the African Studies Centre Leiden library, please contact:

  1. Elvire Eijkman,, phone 071 5273357
  2. Gerard van de Bruinhorst,, phone 071 5276734

The library is particularly interested in gifts that fit into the collection profile. Gifts not retained are sent to affiliated libraries in The Netherlands or to Africa as part of our donation programme.

Gifts in 2023

  1. Transvaal war. Lantern slide donated by Alf van BeemAlf van Beem kindly donated a box with 58 coloured propaganda lantern slides from the Second Boer War (1899-1902) and 6 lantern slides with old black & white photographs from Egypt (a.o. of the “Ibn Yûlûn Mosque Cairo")
  2. Karin van den Berg donated 2 archival boxes, containing documents from James Kalu Onoh (PhD VU Amsterdam 1972) about Nigeria and Biafra.
  3. Jet Gerla: books from Tanzania (Swahili, literature)
  4. Rahmane Idrissa handed over Mohammed Ibn Abdallah’s Song of the pharaoh. Abibigoro on the life and times of pharaoh Aknaten
  5. Linda van de Kamp: 15 books from Mozambique (in Portugese)
  6. Alice Kubo: books about Kenya from the legacy of Jan Hoorweg (a.o. Malindi handbook, books about fishery etc.)
  7. Julia Rensing & Sindi-Leigh McBride (ed.): Lost libraries, burnt archives
  8. David Sogge: a dozen pamphlets on Nigeria and Biafra, incl. One Nigeria Bulletin (unique) and the book Nigeria. The dream empire of a rebel
  9. Jet Tigchelaar: books on law in Uganda (jurisprudence, land administration, marriage & divorce)
  10. And several other books, donated by Jan Jansen, K. Just, Kasper van Ommen and others

Gifts in 2022Items from Jan Knappert Swahili Archive

  1. Jan Knappert: archival material (22 boxes, Swahili)
  2. Jan Broekhuijse: books, photos and maps (10 boxes, Burkina Faso)
  3. Mieke van Ee (Ethiopia, books and newspapers)
  4. Anna-Maria Brandstetter (Congo)
  5. Dorrit van Dalen (Ghana, Nigeria)
  6. Anja van Altena / Frans Helmerhorst (Nigeria)
  7. Holger Weiss (Ghana, Islam)
  8. Marisca Bruinooge (diverse)
  9. Emeke Aniagola
  10. and more books, given by Wim Hoppers, Gitty Petit, Jan Jansen, Ton Dietz and others.

Gifts in 2021Hand-coloured map of Burkina Faso from the Jan Broekhuijse Archive

  1. Corlien Varkevisser (1937-2017) (>100 books on health in Africa)
  2. Bill Kinsey (on Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi)
  3. P.C.M. Driessens (geography, history)
  4. Raoul Snelder (a.o. Ivory Coast)
  5. Jan Jansen (encyclopedia, comic books, Mali)
  6. Liesbeth Feikema (Gabon)
  7. Gerrie ter Haar (religion, politics)
  8. and more books, by Mark Blaisse, Bouha Mohamed Bouha, Riadh Busaidy, Oda van Cranenburgh, Sjaak van der Geest, Sjoerd Kompier, Inge Ligtvoet, Gerard Persoon and others.

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