The library receives and processes many gifts each year, including books, periodicals, videos and other library materials. These gifts help us to add depth to the collection and replace worn-out and lost books and journals.

To make a donation to the African Studies Centre Leiden library, please contact:

  1. Elvire Eijkman,, phone 071 5273357
  2. Gerard van de Bruinhorst,, phone 071 5276734

The library is particularly interested in gifts that fit into the collection profile. Gifts not retained are sent to affiliated libraries in The Netherlands or to Africa as part of our donation programme.

Gifts in 2017

  1. Kenneth Post (1935-2017):  15 boxes with books on Nigeria.
  2. Gerrie ter Haar (Stephen Ellis): 151 books (South Africa, Liberia, Madagascar, crime).
  3. Mega van Rooijen: 60 books (East Africa).
  4. Dick Jaeger (Zambia, geography).
  5. Fred van der Kraaij (development, economy).
  6. Jan Jansen (div. Africa).
  7. Jan van Butselaar (novels).
  8. Annelien Bouland (comic books).
  9. And more gifts by Marisca Bruinooge, Jan-Bart Gewald, Katrien Polman, Connor Roberts and others.


Gifts in 2016

  1. Centre for World Food Studies (Max Merbis, VU Amsterdam): >300 books & reports (Nigerian economy et al.).
  2. Dirk Jaeger: books & pamphlets on Zambia.      
  3. Kevin Osei Assibey: Ghanaian Times.
  4. NIOD: on war in Africa (KIT).
  5. Sibylla Claus: comics, literature.
  6. Benjamin Soares: Nigeria, Islam in Africa.Gifts2016
  7. André van Dokkum: Angola, Mozambique.
  8. Jan Broekhuyse: several boxes.
  9. And more gifts, by Frauke Heldring, Jan-Bart Gewald, Jan Jansen, Tiny Kraan,
    Annemieke de Kler, Wijnand Klaver, Jan Hoorweg, Steve Tonah and others.



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