Marleen Dekker

Marleen Dekker is a development economist and human geographer. Her PhD research was on the impact of land reform on participation in social networks and risk-coping strategies in Zimbabwe. Her post-doc research on Ethiopia focused on the role of social networks in coping with illness and bargaining processes within the household and the wider community. Her current work builds on these previous research projects and explores the role of social networks in accessing markets and (local) socio-economic development, with a strong focus on access to formal and informal insurance networks, including community-based health insurance. A new research project is a collaborative venture with the VU University Amsterdam, the University of East Anglia and the University of Nottingham. The project uses an economic experiment to explore collaboration between spouses in monogamous and polygamous households in rural Nigeria.

Since May 2014 Marleen also coordinates the secretariat of INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies, that aims to promote the use of evidence in knowledge in policy making on inclusive development, both in The Netherlands as well as Africa.

Keywords: inclusive development, polygyny, risk, social networks, markets, land reform.

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