Luca Puddu

Luca Puddu is lecturer of African history and institutions at the University Sapienza of Rome and research fellow on the project "Monetary Transitions in East Africa" at the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna. His research interests focus on the economic and political history of the Horn of Africa region.

Recent publications:

State building, rural development, and the making of a frontier regime in north-eastern Ethiopia (2016), in “The Journal of African History” 57, 1.

Centro e Periferia nell’Etiopia Imperiale: governare la frontiera nord-occidentale nel bassopiano di Gondar (2016), in “Antropologia”, 3, 2.

Ethiopia and International Aid: Development between High Modernism and Exceptional Measures (con Emanuele Fantini), in T. Hagmann, F. Reyntjens, “Development without Democracy: Aid and Authoritarianism in Africa”, ZED books, 2016.     

Border diplomacy and state building in north-western Ethiopia, c. 1965-1977 (2017), in “Journal of Eastern African Studies”, 11, 2.

Extraversion and Development in north-western Ethiopia: the case of the Humera, agricultural project from 1967 to 1975, in Toyin Falola, M. Odey (eds.), “Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa”, Routledge, 2018.



Fellow member
University Sapienza of Rome