Karin Nijenhuis

Karin Nijenhuis guides students, ranging from Bachelor to PhD level, through interactive teaching, coaching and employability skills training. She also acts as a board member of the Master/Research Master African Studies programme (MAAS/ResMAAS), study advisor for the ResMAAS and BKO coordinator (University Teaching Qualification). She is involved in the following courses: Communicating Research (MAAS), Research Internship (MAAS), Economy, Geography and Society in Africa (MAAS and ResMAAS); Thematic Fields: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations (ResMAAS); Global Challenges: Prosperity (Leiden University College The Hague); and Leiden Leadership Programme and International Leiden Leadership Programme (Honours Academy).

Dr Karin Nijenhuis studied human geography (MA, University of Amsterdam) and law and sociology (LLM, University of Groningen) and holds a PhD from Wageningen University. Her PhD research was on land conflict in Mali in relation to farmers’ rural mobility due to climate change among other factors (available open access or in the ASCL webshop).

Karin has extensive management, teaching and research experience with a geographical focus on West and East Africa. She coordinated the Assumptions programme (New roles for Civil Society Organisations for Inclusive Development) for the INCLUDE knowledge platform, managed large NUFFIC-funded training institute projects for legal professionals in Uganda and Rwanda, and worked as a project manager at Oxfam Novib. She taught at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University and gave workshops at Beninese and Malian universities. Karin is also a communication skills trainer and an experienced moderator.

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