Iva Peša

Iva Peša is an Assistant Professor in Contemporary History at the University of Groningen. She is the PI of an ERC-funded project  (2022-27) AFREXTRACT: Environmental Histories of Resource Extraction in Africa, which examines people's responses to the environmental transformation of mining and oil drilling in the Niger Delta, the Zambian Copperbelt and Johannesburg. Her previous research focused on the social and environmental history of Zambia and the DR Congo. Iva's research is based on oral history, archival research and participant observation.


Recent publications

Peša, Iva (2022). 'A Planetary Anthropocene? Views from Africa'. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press Journals.

Larmer, Guene, Henriet, Peša & Taylor (2022). 'Across the Copperbelt: Urban & Social Change in Central Africa's Border Communities'. Suffolk: James Currey.