Gerson Brandão

Gerson Brandão is a Brazilian national who, since 1999, has worked in different capacities, such as humanitarian advisor, field coordination officer and disaster risk reduction advisor, in humanitarian and development programmes in Angola, DR Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sudan, Mali and Mozambique. Through his work he has gained understanding of multilateral diplomacy, security management, including access negotiation with armed groups and the development of strategies to ensure due acceptance and community engagement in projects.

Gerson is currently involved in a research project on the role of private companies in the protection of civilians.

Recent publications:

Brandão, G. (2019) The potential of the new mining code and partnerships for sustainable mining in the DRC

Brandão, G. (2019) Boa notícia na luta contra o ebola na República Democrática do Congo

Brandão, G. (2019), La vision de Kofi Annan et la réalité en Rép. dém. du Congo : le rôle des sociétés minières dans le secteur de la santé. (Revised by peers, to be published at Revue Générale de Droit n. III year I, organized by the University of Likasi, in DRC in Dec.2019)

Brandão, G. (2016), A invasão, a des-baathização e o Estado Islâmico. Revista Tempo e Presença, 11, 31. ISSN 1981-1810