Cyril Owen Brandt

Cyril Brandt finished his PhD at the International Development Studies programme at the University of Amsterdam in 2018. He is now an Associate Researcher at IOB (Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp) and Honorary Associate at the Institute of Development Studies. His work has focused on (1) the political economy of educational governance reforms and teacher salaries in protracted crises, particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo, (2) teacher governance in violent contexts and violence against teachers, (3) the political economy of an unfinished population census (4) the contested provision of education in humanitarian emergencies. Next to his academic work Cyril has been working as a facilitator for anti-racism / critical whiteness workshops. Cyril is interested in supervising research projects in any of these fields, but is also open to related ideas.

Current position
Associate Researcher at the Institute of Development Policy (University of Antwerp).
Honorary Associate at the Institute of Development Studies

PhD International Development Studies (University of Amsterdam)
Research M.Sc. International Development Studies (University of Amsterdam).
BA Cultural Sciences (University of Duisburg-Essen).

Previous research subjects
Microfinance in Benin, Bangladesh and Peru.