Christian Williams

Christian Williams examines the experiences of Namibians who lived in the frontline states during Southern Africa’s liberation struggles. Through this work, he has engaged with a range of related topics from an anthropological and historical point of view. These topics include: exile, refugees and camps; nationalism, transnationalism and humanitarianism; the production of history, historical ethnography and biography. Williams became interested in Namibians’ experiences in exile and related topics during the early 2000s while working as an English and drama teacher in Tses, a Catholic mission station in southern Namibia. Thereafter, he completed an MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Cape Town (2002), a Ph.D. in Anthropology and History at the University of Michigan (2009) and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of the Western Cape’s Centre for Humanities Research. Williams now lectures in the UFS Department of Anthropology and runs the University’s Bachelor of Social Sciences Program, including an interdisciplinary seminar on “Decolonising Knowledge.”



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