Bert Vermaat

Bert Vermaat was born in 1961 in the Netherlands. In 1988, after his studies in Geography (with distinction, UvA), he began to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department of Rural Development. In 2001 he was assigned to West Africa, where he held several positions in Benin (SNV), Niger (SNV) and Burkina Faso (MFA).

In 2001 he returned to the Netherlands to serve as advisor to the Department of Economic Development (MFA). His division tended to focus on development coherence with special attention to the negotiations within the WTO, standards and the position of developing countries.

In 2006 he took service at the Department of Quality and Effectiveness of Aid (MFA) in the position of 'PRS Coordinator'. One of his responsibilities was the Result Report 2007-2008 of the Dutch development aid.

In January 2010 he took service with the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Ouagadougou as Deputy Head of cooperation. He was responsible for military cooperation, governance and policy.  He finished his last year in Ouagadougou as Head of Cooperation and Chargé d'affaires at the same embassy.

Currently he is the evaluation coordinator at the Financial and Economic Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Economic development; Trade; Governance; Public Finance; Press; Human Rights.