Adalbertus Kamanzi

Adalbertus F. Kamanzi was born in Bukoba, Tanzania, September 1970. He holds a BA in Ethics and Development Studies (2000) and an MA in Development Studies (2001), both from the Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, Uganda. He holds a PhD in Development Studies from Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (2007). He has worked as a researcher and lecturer at Uganda Martyrs University, the University of Dodoma, and as a senior researcher at the Institute of Rural Development Planning, and as a Visiting and Associate Professor at the Nexus International University. He is currently coordinator of the MA programme in Development Studies at Oshakati Campus, University of Namibia.

His research interests and publications include gender issues, e-technologies for development, and decoloniality. In his research, he uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Much as he is a social anthropologist, he has found himself in good company with economists with whom he has published several works. Over time, he has developed a passion in writing motivational books; he believes that demotivation demotes people’s livelihoods promotion.

Kamanzi can be found on ORCHID, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate.

Recent publications:

Kamanzi, A., Lakwo, A, & de Haan, L.J. (2023). "To do livelihoods research now is to recognize coloniality and to decolonize," in Engaged Scholarship and the Goal of Emancipation. Essays about 75 Years of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at Radboud University, Nijmegen, Radboud University Press, pp. 124-130.

Kamanzi, A. (2022). Does gender matter in the adoption of emails in the Namibian enterprises? Texila International Journal of Academic Research.

Kamanzi, A. (2022). Gender matters in financial inclusion, but women in managerial positions make a difference. Evidence from the Namibian Enterprises. International Journal of Gender Studies7(1), 42-52.

Kabubo-Mariara, J. Kamanzi, & Mckay, A. (2021). “The School-To-Work Transition for Young Females in Sub-Saharan Africa: Comparative Qualitative Evidence from Six Countries”. In Grantham, K., Dowie, G. & de Haan, A. (eds). (2021). Women's Economic Empowerment. Insights from Africa and South Asia. Routledge.

Adalbertus Kamanzi, Andy McKay, Andy Newell, Cinzia Rienzo, Wiktoria Tafesse. (2021). Education, Access to Better Quality Work and Gender: Lessons from the Kagera Panel Data Set. In Journal of African Economies, Volume 30 (1), pp. 103-127.

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