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2023 Sudan clashes by ElijahPepe, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia CommonsThis ASCL Library list offers a selection of online resources on the recent violence in Sudan. It contains online articles, blogs, infographics, podcasts and videos, most of which are freely accessible.

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Blog : Sudanese Feminist Sisterhood: At the frontline of radical resistance and solidarity / Reem Abbas. Alliance Magazine Blog, 14 August 2023.

Blog : Lessons from Khartoum: Sudan’s refugee crisis and the fallacy of containment policies / by Lutz Oette and Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker. SOAS Refugee Law Initiative Blog, 24 May 2023.

Blog : Sudan’s Catastrophe: A Long History of Failed Responses to Structural and Direct Violence / by Susanne Jaspars and Lutz Oette. African Arguments, 17 May 2023.

Blog : How years of impunity gave Sudan’s generals licence to destroy my country / Hala al-Karib (Regional Director, Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA). The New Humanitarian, 3 May 2023.

Blog : Sudan: The flight for safety of Abdelmonim / Koert Lindijer. The Africanists, 8 May 2023.

Book : Routledge handbook of the Horn of Africa / edited by Jean-Nicolas Bach. Abingdon: Routledge, 2022.

Infographics : Sudan Shahid / C4ADS, 2023.

Infographics : Sudan conflict map / Benjamin Strick.

Infographics : Sudan: OCHA Situation Report. Reliefweb, 2023.

Infographics : Sudan situation report (3) / Displacement Tracking Matrix - DTM Sudan. 9 May 2023.

Infographics : Fact Sheet : Conflict Surges in Sudan / Ladd Serwat and Elham Kazemi, visuals by Ana Marco. ACLED, 2023.

Journal article : Resistance is life: how Sudan’s resistance committees perform democratic power / Linda S. Bihai. In: The Journal of North African Studies (2023) (Restricted access)

Journal article : Sudan’s Revolution of 2019: At the Crossroads of Africa and the Arab World / Kevin Anderson. Santa Barbara: University of California, 2022. (Free access)

Journal special issue : Remembering Darfur – marking 20 years of conflict and its fallout / Susanne Jaspars (SOAS), Musa A. Abdul-Jalil (University of Khartoum), and Sara Pantuliano (ODI) (eds.). In: Disasters (virtual issue, partly free access 2023)

Podcast : Bonus Episode: War in Sudan / The Horn, 22 April 2023.

Podcast : Machtsstrijd jaagt Soedanezen naar Egypte & Duitsland wil af van veto in Europa. Bureau Buitenland, 8 May 2023 (in Dutch)

Podcast : Sudan: In Revolution and War / The Fire These Times, 24 October 2023.

Research paper : The Implications of the Current War for the Chad-Sudan Relationship / Roland Marchal. Sudan Transparency and Policy Tracker, 2024.

Research paper : Effective social protection in conflict : findings from Sudan / Izzy Birch, Becky Carter and Hassan-Alattar Satti. Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, 2024.

Research paper : The remains of the JPA : the unlearnt lessons of the Juba Peace Agreement / Joshua Craze and Kholood Khair. Nairobi [etc.] : Rift Valley Institute, 2023.

Research paper : Paying for peace : the political economy of the Juba Peace Agreement / Edward Thomas. Nairobi [etc.] : Rift Valley Institute, 2023.

Research paper : Key actors in the Juba Peace Agreement : roles, impacts, and lessons / Amar Jamal. Nairobi [etc.] : Rift Valley Institute, 2023.

Research paper : Sudan Conflict: Assessing The Risk Of Regionalization / Rift Valley Institute, June 2023.

Research paper : ‘Hemedti challenges SAF’s control over Sudan’ / Rift Valley Institute, May 2023.

Timeline : Sudan timeline April-June 2023: Tensions between Sudanese army and the paramilitary RSF erupt into full-scale armed conflict / Dabanga Sudan, 14 July 2023.

Video : Between Us: The Sudan Conflict / Hiba Morgan. AlJazeera, 4 May 2023.

Web article : Sudan’s future is being shaped by guns and money – like its past / Alex De Waal. The Conversation, 24 August 2023.

Web article : Sudan : Darfur Town Destroyed : ICC Should Investigate Killings, Looting by Rapid Support Forces, Arab Militias / Human Rights Watch. 11 July 2023.

Web article : Between two wars: twenty years of conflict in Sudan, from Darfur to Khartoum and back / By 

Web article : Sudan: Why has fighting broken out there? / by Beverly Ocheng. BBC, 24 April 2023.

Web article : Sudan conflict: why is there fighting and what is at stake in the region? / Adam Fulton and Oliver Holmes. The Guardian, 27 April 2023.

Web article : Exposing the RSF's secret financial network / Global Witness. Global Witness, 9 December 2019.

Web overview : Experts Insights: Sudan / Annette Hoffmann and Guido Lanfranchi. The Hague: Clingendael.

Webinar: Sudan's Revolution:  What Comes Next? / Arab Reform Initiative, YouTube Channel, 10 January 2022.

Website: Dabanga: independent news from the heart of Sudan. News reporting.

Website : Ayin Network: what’s happening in Sudan, in sight and sound. News reporting.

Website : Fikra for Studies and Development. Analysis and opinion pieces.

Web reports : The Sudan Conflict Monitor #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. Ayin Network; Sudan Transparency and Policy Tracker; Sudan Human Rights Hub, 2023.

Web reports : Situational awareness reports / Sudan Conflict Observatory, 2023.

Web report :  Sudan’s 2019 Constitutional Declaration: its impact on the transition / Davies, B. Stockholm : International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), 2022.

Web report : Breaking the bank : how military control of the economy obstructs democracy in Sudan / Catherine Cartier, Eva Kahan and Isaac Zukin. C4ADS, 2022.

Web report : The fall of al-Bashir: mapping contestation forces in Sudan / El-Gizouli, M. Arab Reform Inititiative, 2019.

Web report : General framework for the programme of the transitional government / Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Republic of Sudan. Khartoum : Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, 2019.

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