ASC Newsletter November 2014

African Studies Centre Leiden Newsletter, No. 3, November 2014
ASC highlight

ASC Annual Public Event by Phillippa Yaa de Villiers:Shades

You are kindly invited to the ASC Annual Public Event on 8 December at 19:30 by poet and performer Phillippa Yaa de Villiers from South Africa. Especially for this event she has createdShades, a lecture-cum-poetry recital-cum-performance that explores race, identity and politics in present-day South Africa.

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Research news

New name knowledge platform: INCLUDE

The knowledge platform on Inclusive Development Policies, for which the ASC co-hosts the Secretariat, is pleased to announce its new name: INCLUDE. It has a new website that was officially launched during a two-day event. Check out the website!

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Library news

ASC Library contribution to Leiden International Film Festival

LeidenGlobal organized a film event during the Leiden International Film Festival on 4 November. Several short films from Africa and Central America about the theme of migration were screened. The ASC Library's Elvire Eijkman selected two films for the event.

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New web dossier: Productive Employment in Africa

Since the spring of 2014, the ASC has been co-hosting the Secretariat for the Knowledge Platform INCLUDE. As a follow-up to its web dossier on social protection, the ASC Library has compiled a web dossier on productive employment in Africa.

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Acquisition Highlight: Leading academic Ali Al’Amin Mazrui (1933-2014)

Kenya born writer and academic Ali Al’Amin Mazrui passed away last October. The ASC Library has a large number of publications by and about Mazrui. On the occasion of his death, the library's Katrien Polman wrote an Acquisition Highlight.

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New publications

Digging deeper: Inside Africa's agricultural, food and nutrition dynamics

This volume analyzes what is happening in Africa’s agricultural and rural sector. It has been published in the annual African Dynamics series and is one of the outputs of the ASC collaborative research group 'Food security and the African city: clustering metropolitan food chains'.

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Voices of Zimbabwean orphans: a new vision for project management in Southern Africa

This is the first extensive empirical study of Zimbabwean orphans and other vulnerable children. Chronically poor children and their carers can be corrupted by management systems which fail to recognise their basic human needs. The authors propose a new person-centred project management approach.

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Two new books out by Walter van Beek

For Contes Kapsiki du Cameroun (Kapsiki Stories from Cameroon) Walter van Beek and Henry Tourneux collected legends from the Kapsiki in Cameroon. The volume Sacred Spaces and Contested Identities deals with the position of sacred space within the context of ritual and religious dynamics.

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marieke on RTL
ASC in the media

Media attention for Africa Works

The ASC received a lot of attention from the media during and after the Africa Works! conference. Short films were made and many researchers were interviewed. Have a look at the films and the overview of the media coverage.

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Ton Dietz's response to HvA on traveling to Africa

Leidsch Dagblad (and Trouw and Het Parool) published Ton Dietz's response to the news that the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) restricts its students to travel to Africa because of health and safety reasons.

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More ASC in the media

For an overview of all performances by ASC employees, students and alumni in newspapers & magazines or on tv & radio, check out the list 'ASC in the Media' on our website.

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Enhancing the narrative resources of the Kenyan Trade Union movement

This seminar on Thursday 20 November discusses the problems of effectiveness faced by Kenyan trade unions by looking at the Kenya Universities Staff Union (KUSU) as a case study. Speaker: Collins Miruka, professor of Management Sciences at North-West University, South Africa.

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Book presentation: Cameroon's predicaments

Sociologist and journalist Peter Tse Angwafo wrote the bookCameroon's predicaments about socio-cultural, economic and political problems facing Cameroon. His book will be presented on Friday 21 November. Keynote speaker: Dr Verina Ingram from Wageningen University.

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Stigma and culture. Ethnological Schadenfreude and last-place anxiety in black America

'Ethnological Schadenfreude', the pursuit of contrast from and superiority to another population, is the theme of this seminar on 25 November by J. Lorand Matory, Director of the Center for African and African American Research at Duke University.

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Other news

LeidenGlobal Day

The one year anniversary of LeidenGlobal will be marked on 27 November with a programme featuring a keynote speech by Cleveringa Professor Carole Gluck, the presentation of the art/film project Voices4Thought by Mirjam de Bruijn (ASC/Leiden University) and a panel debate on New Manipuledia.

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6th European Conference on African Studies, Paris, July 2015

The 6th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) will take place in Paris 8-10 July 2015. Proposals for papers can be submitted until 9 January 2015. Follow ECAS on twitter: @ECAS2015 and have a look at the 250+ panels on the website.

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Highlight Africa

Namibia: general and presidential elections

Namibia will have general and presidential elections on 29 November. The ASC plans a Community Country Meeting for next spring (2015) to look back on these elections. If you wish to follow the elections, have a look at the news feeds and background information on the ASC Country Portal on Namibia.

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