Wim Naudé

Wim Naudé is professor in business and entrepreneurship at Maastricht University, visiting professor in technology, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship at RWTH Aachen University, and academic visitor at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Before joining Maastricht University, he had been senior research officer at UNU-WIDER in Helsinki, professor in economics at North-West University in South Africa, and research officer at the Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford. As a member of the liberation movement in South Africa, Wim served for 5 years as a councillor for the African National Congress (ANC) in the first democratically elected local government in the country. South Africa's finance minister appointed him to the Council of Statistics South Africa in 2005. Wim is ranked by REPec/IDEAS amongst the top 1,5% economists in the world based on his publications of the past 10 years, and he has published extensively on entrepreneurship, technology, industrial development, trade and geography as factors that affects Africa's development.

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