Willem Elbers

With a multi-disciplinary background in Development Studies and a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, Willem Elbers has written on numerous topics including partnerships, advocacy, social movements and disability-inclusive development.  In his research, Willem speaks academic and practitioner languages to ensure that ideas and experiences flow back and forth between the two domains. As an educator, he aims to inspire and inform professionals working on the Sustainable Development Goals. Willem Elbers currently has a position at Radboud University.



Recent publications:

E Kumi & W. Elbers. 'How internationally funded NGOs promote gender equality in horticulture value chains in Kenya'. Third World Quarterly 43 (9), 2112-2128.

W. Elbers, L Schulpen & E Frobisher. 'Stuck in a “Catch-22”: Why donors fail to include grassroots perspectives on CSO legitimacy'. The European Journal of Development Research 34 (2), 921-939.

A. van den Brink & W Elbers. 'Fragmented yet together: the disability movement in Sierra Leone'. AF Ibrahim Disability & Society 36 (7), 1035-1052.

W Elbers & J Kamstra. 'How does organisational capacity contribute to advocacy effectiveness? Taking stock of existing evidence' Development in Practice 30 (5), 599-608.

Fellow member
Radboud University Nijmegen