Wiebe Nauta

1996-2001 PhD research Sociology of Development into the changing role of land sector NGOs in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. PhD position at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (including 1 ½ years of fieldwork in South Africa);
1989-1993 MA (with distinction) Rural Development Sociology at the International Agricultural University Wageningen, thesis: Beyond Black and White; the transcultural experience of western expatriates in developing coun¬tries;
1984-1989 BSc Tropical Plant Production at the International Agricultural College Deventer.

Current academic position
Assistant Professor Sociology of Development
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASoS)
Maastricht University

Current research
The role of civil society in South Africa, particularly in the field of HIV/AIDS; governance issues of the pandemic, especially in the Eastern Cape Province.
The relationship between poverty, democratization and the interplay between states, civil society organizations and multilateral actors.
The role of emerging countries like Brazil and South Africa on the African continent.
Transnational links between civil society organizations on different continents.