Teun van Dijk

Dr Teun van Dijk holds a wide experience in regional/rural development planning, facilitation of strategic planning exercises, programme development, co-ordination and management of projects and programmes; identification, formulation, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes; management of comprehensive local government programmes and institutional development. For a number of years, he managed integrated rural development programmes in Tanzania. In the past years he has been active in institutional development consultancies in local government development and regional planning in Uganda, in educational management training in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa; in relief and rehabilitation programmes in Ethiopia and Kenya; and as management consultant to regional development programmes in Zambia. 

As project director he guided the enhancement of the capacity of a number of higher education institutes like the Institute or Rural Development Planning, the Public Service College, while he conducts courses at the Institute of Finance Management for strengthening the public service in general and local government and private sector in particular in the light of the decentralisation process in Tanzania. He co-edited the Tanzania Handbook for Planners. At the same time, he operated as team leader of the capacity enhancement of Kenya Water Institute to deliver competent technical graduates in integrated water resources management in Kenya.