Sven Botha

Sven Botha is the Internationalisation Liaison in the Office of the Executive Dean in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Sven is also a Researcher at the Africa Centre for Evidence at UJ. Prior to these appointments, Sven served in the Department of Politics and International Relations as an Assistant Lecturer. His teaching included the Militarisation of Politics and International Law and Gender, amongst other areas in Political Science and International Relations. Sven holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Political and International Studies (Summa Cum Laude) from Monash University, a BA Honours (Politics and International Relations) with distinction, a Master of Arts (Politics) with distinction (both from UJ) and is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at UJ. 


Throughout his evolving career, Sven has worked in politics, higher education, research, early-career development and most recently, internationalisation. Sven is the co-founder and co-series editor of the African Political Science and International Relations in Focus book series as well as the founding editor of Higher Education Compass journal, both published by UJ Press. At present, Sven serves as director of the Professors Without Borders Think Tank leading an international team of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to understand and confront the barriers to quality higher education.  

Recent publications:
Botha, S.S. 2019. “Radicalisation via E-Jihad in an era of interactive social media: A closer look at Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and ISIS ” in Tchudin, A., Buchanan-Clarke, S.,  Moffat, C., Coutts, L., Thomas-Russel, S. (eds.), Extremism in Africa: Volume Two. Jakana, Johannesburg. 
Botha, S.S. 2019. “The invisible ‘gift’: The Chibok brand and Boko Haram”, Studia Europaea, No. 2 2019-Special issue: Theory and practice of International Relations in Africa. 
Botha, S.S. 2020. “Crisis of threat or crisis of opportunity? Bringing Nigeria and Cameroon together to resolve mass migration”, Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies, Vol. 47(4)-Special issue: Barriers and Borders: Human Mobility and Building Inclusive Societies.
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