Siyum Adugna Mamo

I teach Development Studies and Philosophy in the Department of Governance and Development Studies, College of Law and Governance, Jimma University, Ethiopia. I also participate in research and community service activities. I got my (second) MA Degree in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Hague, The Netherlands, where I specialized in Peace and Conflict Studies. I have another MA Degree in Philosophy from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, where I received my BA Degree in Philosophy.

I have been working in different administrative positions on top of my academic responsibilities. I have been employed as Dean of the College of Law and Governance, Jimma University, since August 2017. I also worked as the Coordinator of Research and Graduate Studies Office of the College of Law and Governance between July 2014 and August 2015. Moreover, I worked as the Head of the Department of Governance and Development Studies between October 2012 and July 2014.

My research areas include: local and regional development, land politics, conflict and peace, securitization, democracy, governance, human rights, social justice, intercultural and comparative philosophy, social and political philosophy, African philosophy.

Recent publications

Siyum Adugna Mamo (2017) When large-scale land acquisition meets local conflict – experiences from Gambela Regional State, Ethiopia, International Journal of Multirelegious and Multicultural Understanding, 4(4).

Siyum Adugna Mamo (2017) Securitizing Development through Military Intervention? a review of the book The US Military in Africa: Enhancing Security and Development? edited by Jessica Piombo, First Forum Press, London, 2015. Africa Review of Books, 13(2). (Forthcoming)

Siyum Adugna Mamo (2017) “The Rise and Fall of Liberal Peace in Libya”, Üniversitepark Bülten/Universitepark Bulletin, 6(2) (accepted for publication and will be available online in December 2017).