Sanya Osha

Sanya OshaSanya Osha is a research fellow, The DST-NRF CoE in Scientometrics and STI Policy in the Institute for Economic Research in Innovation at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa and fellow of Africa Studies Centre Community, Leiden, the Netherlands. His previous work has appeared in Transition, Socialism and Democracy, Research in African Literatures, QUEST: An African Journal of Philosophy, Africa Review of Books and the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Fiction. In 2010, a series of his articles on knowledge appeared in the Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought. His the author of Kwasi Wiredu and Beyond: The Text, Writing and Thought in Africa (2005), Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Shadow: Politics, Nationalism and the Ogoni Protest Movement (2007) Postethnophilosophy (2011) and African Postcolonial Modernity: Informal Subjectivities and the Democratic Consensus (2014). He is also a co-editor of The Africana World: Fragmentation to Unity and Renaissance (2012) and editor of The Social Contract in Africa (2014).


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Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria
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