Samantha Tipper

Samantha is currently a senior lecturer and course lead for the BSc in Forensic Science at Anglia Ruskin University. Samantha is a biological and forensic anthropologist with over 15 years of experience working in both the commercial and academic sectors in human osteology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology, and forensic science in both the UK and USA. She completed her PhD in Archaeology at the University of Durham and her doctoral research involved a comprehensive analysis of spinal pathology in over five hundred individuals from Sudan, dating from 350 BC to 1500 AD. While at Durham University she set up and ran the Egypt and Sudan Study Group as well as the Sudan Study conference, an international interdisciplinary research conference with a focus on Sudan and ancient Nubia that runs every year in May. Samantha’s research focuses on human bioarchaeology, osteological techniques and paleopathology, especially spinal pathology and health and disease. Her research is currently focused on Sudan and Egypt.

Recent publications:

Tipper, S. Shin, S. and Kilroe, L. (2021) Current research in Nubian Archaeology: Oxford Edition. Gorgias Press. U.S.A.

Tipper, S and Lemos, R (2021) New Perspectives on Sudanese and Nubian Archaeology, Archaeopress, Cambridge.

Lemos, R and Tipper, S (2021) Sudanese and Nubian archaeology: scholarship past and present. In Tipper, S and Lemos, R. New perspectives on Sudanese and Nubian Archaeology, Archaeopress, Cambridge.

Tipper, S. & Tully, G. (2018) Current research in Nubian archaeology. Gorgias Press, U.S.A.

Associate member
Anglia Ruskin University