Ryohei Shiozaki

Ryohei Shiozaki is currently a Coordinator for Economic Cooperation at the Embassy of Japan in Mozambique. He graduated from Leiden University with a Research Master's degree in African Studies. His interests are cultural anthropology and sociology, especially in conviviality. For his master's thesis, Ryohei studied how Afro-Mozambican migrants' conviviality appears in Lisbon, Portugal. He explored how various "intermediaries" work together as a catalyst of creating a condition for them to live with others, namely, their daily reciprocal interactions via mobile phones, shared expectations to answer positively to requests from others for favours, and dissimulative acts. Ryohei also has research experience in Mozambique.



Recent publictions:

Shiozaki, R. (2022). “A vida dos Moçambicanos é a Vida de Convivência” [“The Life of Mozambicans is Life of Conviviality”] Exploring Conviviality of Afro-Mozambicans in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Embassy of Japan in Mozambique
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