Roza Ismagilova

Prof. Roza Ismagilova (1928) is a Distinguished Scholar of the Russian Federation. She obtained a PhD in Social Anthropology in 1955 at the Institute of Ethnography, University of Taskent, modern day Uzbekistan. She is a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, and is affiliated to the Centre for the Study of North Africa and the Horn of Africa. She has written over 300 publications, mostly in Russian.

Keywords: ethnicity, ethno-politics, ethnic federalism, traditional socio-political institutions, castes.

Recent publications:

2023: Ethiopia: Social Changes in the Period of the Ethnic Federalism // Chapter of the book ”Middle East, North African Countries and the Horn of Africa”. National Question and the Nationalities’ Policy in Ethiopia (1889 –1991). Historical Issue  // Vestnik Uchenih-Mejdunarodnikov. № 1.
2023: Ethiopia: a Long Way to Peace // Journal of the Institute for African Studies. № 2.
2022: Ethiopia:Waiting for the Changes // Chapter of the book: “Modernization in the North African Countries: Opportunities and  Obstacles”.
2022: Article: Menelik II – the  Greatest  Ethiopian Political Heritage // Journal Voprosy Istorii. № 7.
2021: Articles: The Victory over Italian colonizers in the Adwa  Battle – a Symbol of the Ethiopian  National Unity //  Journal Voprosy Istorii.  № 6.
2021: Ethiopia: Sydama’s Centuries’ Long Struggle for Self-Determination // Journal of the Institute for African Studies. № 2.
2021: Ethiopia: Ethnicity and Self-Determination of the Sydama // Journal Asia i Africa Segodnya. № 6.
Honorary fellow
Russian Academy of Scienes
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