Ria Winters

Ria Winters has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Amsterdam. She is a prospective student of the MA African Studies of Leiden University. She works for the university museum Allard Pierson in Amsterdam. As a second occupation she writes and paints. Her first publications were concerned with the natural history of Mauritius. Her most recent subject and intended further focus concerns the culture and society of South Africa.

Recent publications:
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* (forthcoming) Ria Winters. 2020. Reise met Schoeman. Pretoria: Protea Boekhuis.

Ria Winters. 2019, in print. ´The Dutch East India Company and the transport of live exotic animals.´ In: Martha Chaiklin and Philip Gooding (eds), Creatures of Commerce. London: Palgrave.

* Ria Winters. 2019. ‘’n Vreemdeling in die land: ’n kortverhaal uit 1965 van Karel Schoeman in die Ierse taal’. LitNet online, rubriek Boeke en skrywers. 1 mei 2019.

Ria Winters. 2018. Exotische dieren in historisch Amsterdam. Amsterdam: AUP.

Ria Winters, Julian P. Hume, Menno Leenstra. 2017. ‘A famine in Surat in 1631 and Dodos on Mauritius: a long lost manuscript rediscovered’. Archives of Natural History. 44 (1): 134-150.

Julian P. Hume and Ria Winters. 2016. ‘Captive birds on Dutch Mauritius:bad-tempered parrots, warty pigeons and notes on other native animals’.Historical Biology. 28 (6): 812-822.

E. Richon and Ria Winters. 2016. ‘The intercultural dodo: a drawing from the School of Bundi, Rājasthān’. Historical Biology. 28 (3): 415-422.

Ria Winters and Julian P. Hume. 2015. "The dodo, the deer and a 1647 voyage to Japan". Historical Biology. 27 (2): 258-264.

Ria Winters. 2011. A Treasury of endemic fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Port Louis: Cristian le Comte.



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