Régio Conrado

Régio Conrado from Mozambique (1989), finished his master degree in the Institut d'Études Politiques of Bordeaux. He worked on the state formation in Mozambique by analyzing the way the health sector was used as a political tool not only to change the nature of the colonial state domination but of the nature of the postcolonial state as well. He’s doing his PhD in the same institute linked to the laboratory “Les Afriques dans le Monde” on the same subject but concentrating in the way the state as a project of domination can be constructed in contexts of structural dependence, of apparent stateless as in Mozambique. His approach is ethnographic. His supervisors are Dominique Darbon and Michel Cahen.

He is part of a research group on "temporalité et historicité du politique en Afrique" coordinated by Jean François Bayart. I participated in international conferences in France (REAF), Mozambique, Canada, Niger and Netherlands.

 He graduated in Political Science at Eduardo Mondlane University and he has a Bachelor of Philosophy in Pedagogy of the University of Maputo.

Research interests
State formation/reforms in Colonial and postcolonial Africa (Mozambique and Angola)
Political domination in Contemporary Africa
Public policy and services in ethnographic perspective (Health and Justice)
Political culture in authoritarian contexts

Affiliate member
IEP Bordeaux
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