Rachel Sharaby

Prof. Rachel Sharaby is a head of the Sociology and Anthropology Department and the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department at Ashkelon Academic College, Israel. She's also a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University.

Since 2011 she's associate editor, together with Prof. Sergio Della Pergola, the editor-in-chief, of Hagira - Israel Journal of Migration (English and Hebrew). This is an interdisciplinary journal which comprises an open platform for diverse theoretical approaches, disciplines and research methods in the field of immigration research.  Members of the editorial board represent all universities in Israel, and senior representatives from abroad are also members of the academic advisory committee.

Her fields of research include: immigration, ethnicity, intercultural encounters and syncretism. Sociological and anthropological research of Jewish communities in Africa and their immigration to Israel comprises a major focus of her research. This research contributes important theoretical and historical knowledge on the manner in which minority groups reconstruct ethnic traditions and use them as a mean for preserving ethnic boundaries, redefining their identity and entering the cultural mainstream. Attached is a partial list of my publications on this issue.

Keywords: Syncretism, Immigration, Identity, Tradition, Community.

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Ashkelon Academic College, Israel
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