Pauline Vijverberg

Pauline Vijverberg is a Dutch author who writes novels with historical links between South Africa and the Netherlands. Her recent novel De achtste zonnebloemen explores the lives of the youngest brother of Vincent, Cor van Gogh and Geesje Kwak, the ‘Mona Lisa’ of Holland who both moved to South Africa just before the Anglo-Boer war.

She completed her master’s degree in International Law in Leiden (1988) and worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department Asylum seekers) for a couple of years, before moving abroad. Her first novel Alexine was published by Prometheus in 2010. Followed by Het Suikervogeltje in 2017, Onder de Vlinderboom in 2018 and De achtste zonnebloemen in 2020. Her historical novels are about strong and adventurous women who thrive despite the odds against them. The novels are based on research of the history of South Africa, where the author has been living since 2000.

Recent publications:

Alexine (Prometheus 2010), Het suikervogeltje (Uitgeverij Conserve 2017), Onder de Vlinderboom (Uitgeverij Conserve 2018), De achtste zonnebloemen (Just Publishers 2020).