Pauline Vijverberg

Born in Japan, I spent most of my early childhood in Indonesia. Maybe that’s why fragrances, colours and sounds inhabit my memories. My International Law study at Leiden University formed the basis for my early career. After working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department Asylum seekers) for a couple of years, I moved abroad. I knew writing could always be an option, wherever I would be. It took however until 2008 for me to take up writing as a profession. My first novel Alexine was published by Prometheus in 2010. In 2017 Het Suikervogeltje came out and in March 2018 Onder de Vlinderboom. My historical novels are about strong and adventurous women who thrive despite the odds against them. The research for my books has taught me about the history of South Africa, where I have been living since 2000. My last novel Onder de Vlinderboom binds this history with the fast developing science of Epigenetics: a fascinating concept of how traumatic memories can still have a genetic effect generations later.

Recent publications:

Alexine (Prometheus 2010)

Het suikervogeltje (Uitgeverij Conserve 2017) Onder de Vlinderboom (Uitgeverij Conserve 2018)