Odilia Wentzel-Okonga

Anyachi (Odilia) Wentzel-Okonga is enthusiastic about education of the African child. After doing a counselling course, she realised that identity is key to the African child’s development. She is the founder of International African School, a space that amplifies African voices in languages (Swahili), African history, African geography and African cultures.

She is a published author of Swahili grammar books. She continues to document and develop resources for Discovering Africa, a program that extensively covers Education about Africa. This program targets elementary and Secondary School students.

Through Educultural Travel , Odilia facilitates physical African experience in East Africa. Apart from the safari, you will get to experience the African life on the continent and build your network.

She is also a motivational speaker and co-founder of Kemet Awards for Achievement in African Languages , sn organisation that strives to promote and develop African mother tongues.  She is a fierce guardian of African culture.

Associate member
International African School