Mohammed Dejen Assen

Dr Mohammed Dejen Assen is an Assistant Professor of Federalism and Governance Studies at Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). He obtained a BA in History, LLB in Law, an MA and a PhD in Federalism and Governance Studies from Addis Ababa University. His research interests include the interaction between law and religion, religion and human rights, federalism, minority rights, secularism, politics and governance in Africa, ethnicity and identity politics in Ethiopia, migration and youth mobility, and state-building. He has published several journal articles and book chapters. He served as a consultant for government institutions and international organisations on diverse issues. He has received awards and grants from different national and international organisations.

Recent publications:

'Ethnic Federalism as a New State-building Approach in Post-1991 Ethiopia: Its Pitfalls and the Way Forward'. In Abadir Ibrahim & Kokebe Wolde (eds.) (2022) Between Failure and Redemption: The Future of the Ethiopian Social Contract. Northwestern Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Affairs and Northwestern University Libraries, Evanston.

'Neglect, Control and Co-optation: Major features of Ethiopian Youth policy since 1991'. CMI Working Paper, Number 3, July 2021.