Mirjam Boswijk


  • Tropical Agriculture, differentiation Soil Science at RHLS Deventer (1978 - 1982)
  • MSc. MAKS (Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems) at Wageningen University (1991 – 1993)

Working experience:


  • Different positions with/ within government Institutes for Agriculture in Mozambique: working with cooperatives, small farmers, irrigation, erosion control, crop protection, investigation, extension services, and participatory rural development.
  • Between 1985 and 1991 employed by EMS/PSO (Eduardo Mondlane Foundation)
  • Between 1993 and 2001 employed by IBIS (Danish NGO)
  • Experiences on district and provincial level, especially in Inhambane and Zambézia Province


  • 2002 -2004: Milieubedrijf 2000+: advisory services for households with regards to environment and reduction of energy consumption
  • 2005 to present: ICCO & Kerk in Actie: Program Officer for Indonesia (theme: democratisation & peace building); and for the Mission department in Papua (community development and good governance), Mozambique (theology & community development; and child rights) and Zambia (contextual theological education; HIV/AIDS program through Council of Churches).
Associate member
ICCO & Kerk in Actie
Expertise on: