Miriam Adelina Ocadiz Arriaga

Miriam Adelina Ocadiz Arriaga holds a bachelor in International Studies from Leiden University (2015), with a minor in African culture and politics. Her BA thesis dealt with language imperialism in Equatorial Guinea (supervised by Daniela Merolla).

This introduction to African affairs and literature inspired her to pursue a research master in African Studies at Leiden University (2017). Her research master thesis focused on Cuban medical aid in Mozambique and the daily embodiment of solidarity in both countries. Her aim is to expand academic awareness on current South-South relations from a decolonization angle, to stress the multidirectional movement of people and ideas in the Global South.

Currently, she is a PhD candidate within the project "Engaged scholarship and narratives of change in a comparative perspective" under the guidance of professor Halleh Ghorashi at the Vrije University Amsterdam. Her contribution targets the co-operation of academics and society in South Africa towards the societal inclusion of refugees. Furthermore, as a team member, she compared the case of South Africa with The Netherlands and the USA.

Recent publications:

Ocadiz Arriaga, M. (E) motion of Saudade: The Embodiment of Solidarity in the Cuban Medical Cooperation in Mozambique.

Kaag, M. M. A., & Ocadiz, M. (2019). A plea for kaleidoscopic knowledge production. In Rethinking development. Routledge.


Affiliate member
VU University Amsterdam