Michel Doortmont

1985-1994 Ph.D. dissertation research:  ‘The social and cultural context of Yoruba historiography’
 Supervisors: Prof. dr. P.L. Geschiere (University of Leiden) and Prof. dr. P.B.M. Blaas (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 1985-1986: archival and literature research in Great Britain.
 1987-1988, 1989: archival, literature and field research in Nigeria.
 22 December 1994: Ph.D. awarded, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
1984-1985 Postgraduate course work in African Studies, Centre of West African Studies, University of Birming¬ham (Great Britain) (subjects: economic and social history of West-Africa, Islam in Africa, politics; economics; cultural anthropology; social geography)
 December 1985: M.A. (African Studies)
1979-1984 Degree study in History, Erasmus University Rotterdam (subjects: history of non-western societies, history of pre-industrial societies, development economics, social anthropology, sociology, statistics, methods and theory of social science research, theory of history)
 1981: Candidate degree (eq. to B.A.)
 1984: Drs. (Master) of Social Sciences (History) (cum laude)

Current academic position
2006-present Associate Professor (‘Universitair Hoofddocent I’) in International Relations and Africa Studies, Department of International Relations and Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.




Fellow member
University of Groningen
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