Maya Turolla

I am a social scientist, trained as anthropologist, working on development issues in the field of agriculture in Uganda.

I obtained a Master in Anthropology and Development Studies from the Radboud University in Nijmegen with a thesis on religious activities and mobility of  West African migrants across Europe. By continuing studying at the Radboud University, I have deepened my interests in development studies. I elaborated
my own PhD research proposal on youth agro-entrepreneurship and development policies for youth in agribusiness. This research project was accepted within the partnership programme in ‘Global and International Studies’ between the University of Bologna and the Radboud University of Nijmegen. My supervisors are prof Arrigo Pallotti (University of Bologna) and prof Haley Swedlund (Radboud University). In the 2nd year of my PhD, I am currently working on the preparation for the extensive fieldwork that I will carry out in Uganda, in collaboration with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (Kampala).

Recent publications
Notermans, Turolla and Janssen 2013. ‘Religious Routes and Routines’. In: ‘Religion in the city’, edited by Garnett and Harris for Ashgate.
Notermans, Turolla and Janssen (forthcoming). In: ‘Contemporary Encounters in Gender and Religion’, edited by Gemzöe, Keinänen and Maddrell.
Notermans, Turolla and Janssen (forthcoming). ‘Caring and Connecting: Reworking Religion, Gender and Families in Post-migration Life’


Affiliate member
University of Bologna & Radboud University, Nijmegen
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