Martin Marani

Martin Marani teaches at the Department of Geography, Population and Environmental Studies, University of Nairobi. He holds Masters and PhD degrees in environmental sciences and has previously been an environment governance trainer at the Kenya School of Government where he worked for ten years. He is an Ernst Mach Fellow (Austria) and a fellow of the African Studies Centre Leiden. Some previous research works include: "Local bureaucrats as bricoleurs: The everyday implementation practices of county environment officers in rural Kenya"; "Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources: the role of Customary Governance Traditional Institutions"; "Managing resources through stakeholder networks: collaborative water governance for Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya"; "Making water infrastructure investment decisions in a changing climate: A political economy study of river basin development in Kenya"; "Emergency Situations and Humanitarian Response”.  Martin is a member of several national, regional and global professional organisations and associations.

Keywords: water; climate change; pastoralism; political economy; nature-based solutions; disaster resilience; regional development; research methods.

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University of Nairobi
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